Those pesky Baofeng batteries

OK, you have finally gave in and joined the frenzy.

Well, you finally did it. With all the media that has been created over the Baofeng dual band radios that hit the market you finally gave in and purchased a little Baofeng radio just to see what all the frenzy was about. With it's extended frequency capabilities and low price tag the Baofeng radios are a great choice for everyone. Now what to do about your stock battery.
 The Baofeng batteries are very inexpensive and rugged. They are also interchangeable between all the UV-5R series of radios and the BF series. But which one to get ?

 The first that comes to mind would be a replacement of the stock battery that came with the radio. This is a 7.4V dc 1800mAh battery. With just one extra battery you can always have one in the charger while using the other. These also keep the radio palm sized.

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You need MORE????

OK, so you talk too much and your battery life just isn't lasting long enough for you to spout out all the eloquent words that you have strung together to share with the ham community. In that case the 3800mAh battery may be what you need instead. Although it does cost a little more the price is still ridiculously low. At under 20 bucks you can't go wrong.
 Just keep in mind that this battery pack is bigger than the stock battery and almost doubles the size of your Baofeng dual band radio, rendering that cute little case that you purchased useless.

What about battery eliminators

Battery eliminators are a great way to go if you do not want to carry a bunch of batteries with you all the time because you talk to much. These devices were made specifically for the Baofeng dual band handhelds to help you talk longer, sharing your wisdom throughout the amateur radio community and timing out repeaters all over the world.
 At this time there are several options to choose from. You can either get one that plugs into the charging cradle of your Baofeng radio into the lighter adapter of your car, or you can replace your battery with a pack that pops into the back of your radio and powers it from the lighter adapter and supplies the 7.4v dc needed for you to babble on, amazing all your local ham radio friends with your whit and talent.

Other options

Batteries not included.
OK, so none of these work for you. You always have other options that you can use to power your baofeng radio. One other option that you can use to power your baofeng radio is a battery pack with disposable or rechargeable batteries. If you like to buy batteries on a monthly basis or have an endless supply at your disposal then this just may be the option for you. You can always carry this in your grab and go bag in case of emergency when you are out in the field and don't have access to any other way to charge your baofeng battery. You can also use rechargeable batteries in this case.

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