Not all baofengs are created equally

Are all of the Baofeng radios and accessories interchangeable

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 As you scour the internet looking for the cheapest deal on your Baofeng UV 5r dual band handheld radio, be sure to keep in mind that not all of the Baofeng radios are created equally. All of them seem to have little idiosyncrasies that make them unique.

Some accessories are not interchangeable.
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I currently own a Baofeng UV-5R in camouflage and a BF-F9. The aftermarket 14.4 inch dual band antenna easily works for both of them. SO does the speaker mic. One odd thing is that the UV-5R stock battery will not fit into the BF-F9, although the BF-F9 works in the UV-5R. I assume it has something to do with the extra camo coloring of the battery case, making it off size to work

baofeng uv 5r accessories

 Another oddity is why Baofeng decided to go with the reverse SMA adapter for the antenna connector since almost all other radios use a standard SMA connector. Since these radios were not manufactured specifically for amateur radio that it wasn’t a problem for the target market group.

 One last thing that I find odd is the way that the speaker microphone connects to the radio. For some reason it just looks odd to have the connector with the wire coming out of the top. It would seem that you would want it pointing down. This makes the radio off balance when in the standing position. The microphone connects this way on both the Baofeng UV-5R and the BF-F9 model.

 OK, so the down and dirty of it is, that ALL the Baofeng radios are basically ALL the same. This includes:

  • UV-5R
  • UV-5R plus
  • UV-5Ra
  • UV-5Re
  • BF-F9
  • BF-F11
 Except for the Baofeng UV-5RCX and UV-5RAX models which are 2M/220 models all of the radio are the same thing with just a few cosmetic changes.  Most of the accessories are also interchangeable with the few exceptions that are mentioned above.

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