Where can I find the best deal

 Where to buy the Baofeng UV-5re


  Ok so you got your ham radio license in your greedy little hands and you are dying to get on the airwaves. Most Newly licensed ham radio operators start off on the 2m/440 bands with either a single or dual band radio. The most popular being the Baofeng-UV-5re, but where can you find the best deal on this great little dual band HT.
 The baofeng UV-5RE line of radio's are dual band HT's that come with either 2M/220 or 2M/440. If you fo a Google search you will find MILLIONS of hits for those little radios. Their is a reason for that. They are very inexpensive, some places offering them for under $40.00 dollars now, like at Amazon. If you go to Amazon.com and do a similar search you will gets hundreds of hits for the baofeng UV-5RE line of radio's. Baofeng also has other models of radios but the UV-5R series seems to be the most popular so far. The major differences between all the UV-5R radio's is the software it would seem. Another thing to consider when ordering your Baofeng UV-5RE radio is the warranty that comes with it. Even though the radios are not a big investment, you still would like to know that if for some reason it breaks the first week you get it, you will be able to return it. I don't think the warranty covers melting it down in a microwave at all though.
Great prices on the Baofeng UV-5R at Amazon