Baofeng accessories

Baofeng UV5R accessories

 OK, you got your little Chinese Baofeng UV5r in your greedy little hands and your wondering what to do with all the extra money you have left over after your purchase. The most logical thing to do would be to buy BEER and celebrate, but being radio nuts that probably is not going to happen. You and I both know that what you are going to do is head over to our favorite online shop and buy some Baofeng accessories to go along with that new radio.

 But what to get ? You could always buy a second battery for the radio so Baofeng Batteries and the car charger/Battery eliminator are great choices.
that you can always have one on the charger ready to go. That would make sense. With so many choices to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming, but with the low prices it is an easy choice. Go for the biggest battery you can get. The 7.4 V batteries can be bought for under $20.00 and come in a 1800Mah, 3600Mah and 3800Mah model.

 While on the subject of batteries, you can purchase a second charger for your Baofeng battery for only $8.99.

BAOFENG Radio Original Desktop Charger (US type) fit for BAOFENG UV-5R 5RA 5RB 5RC 5RD 5RE 5REPLUS

 If you want a little more protection for your new purchase or plan on using your Baofeng out in the field with ARES or emergency services then you are going to want to get a durable case for your radio.
Neo-Flex Protective Carrying Case with Belt Clip for BaoFeng UV-5R , UV-5R Plus , UV-5Ra and More Dual Band Handheld Transceivers! This hard case will prevent damage if you happen to drop your radio during emergency situations and protect your investment.