Baofeng UV5r accessories

baofeng uv-5r accessories are all interchangeable

 Here comes the Baofeng UV-5R

Baofeng antenna, cases, batteries, programming cables and more.

The Baofeng UV-5r Revolution is hitting the US market like a bulldozer. These radios have really taken off and all sorts of radio enthusiasts are getting in on the Baofeng UV-5R series of radios.

At current count there are many different versions of the UV-5r series of radios. These include:

Baofeng UV-5r
Baofeng UV-5ra
Baofeng UV-5rax (2M/220)
Baofen accessories are as inexpensive as the UV-5R
Baofeng UV-5rc
Baofeng UV-5re
Baofeng UV-5r Plus
Baofeng F11 ( a special US version)
Baofeng UV-5RAX+ (2M/440)

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With so many version you would think that it would be confusing, but the main differences between all these radios is the firmware and which options you choose like the battery size, which is upgradeable. The only other difference is the Baofeng UV-5RC and Baofeng UV-5Rax which are 2m/220 144/220 radios. All of the radios have coverage from 130-180 and 430-520 MHZ except the 220 versions. They are wide open for transmit and receive making them usable in almost any VHF/UHF service where you are licensed.

The Baofeng UV-5R accessories

 Another nice thing about these radio is that all of the accessories are interchangeable no matter which radio you get.  With some of the versions the only difference is the size of the included battery.Whether it be an extra battery or a battery with a higher capacity, or just a speaker microphone and case.

Baofeng UV5r and Baofeng UV-5R accessories

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