acoustic tube ear mic for Baofeng radios

acoustic tube ear mic uv-5r accessories

 When looking for accessories for the Baofeng UV-5R radios  

BAOFENG Radio Earpiece (Pack of 4 pcs) Bodyguard Style Headset with HQ PTT Microphone

These covert acoustic radio earpieces are exceptionally durable, but still lightweight. The audio quality for this earpiece is excellent and works well in a variety of conditions.The microphone/PTT housing clips securely to your vest and lies flat so it is not easily displaced and can be pressed from the front without having to grab hold of the unit. They are used by close protection officers, doorman's, security officers, covert police, store detectives, private investigators and just about any kind of undercover operation teams you can think of. This genuine long wire earpiece can be worn under clothing where Microphone/PTT passed down inside sleeve and clipped to the cuff or Microphone/PTT can be clipped near the lapel or to the vest. Wire length 110cm + eartube and 110cm + microphone. If you are serious about your job then this type of earpieces should satisfy your craving for the best possible quality earphones you can get your hands on.