An idiots guide to programming a Baofeng UV-5R

An idiots guide to programming the Baofeng UV-5R series radios.

There has been a lot of articles over the past few months on programming the Baofeng UV5R radios and almost every single one of the suggest using the programming cable that connects to your computer and software to put in the desired frequencies into the memory channels. One of the peculiarities of the Baofeng ham radios is that when entering a desired frequency into a memory channel, you have to enter the input frequency as well as the output frequency, even after setting the frequency offset as well as the repeater negative or positive offset. I ran across this article over at W7DTG blog about programming the radio and after some trial and error he was able to figure out how to do it. The main steps are:
  • Turn the radio on (really, does that have to be a step?)
  • GO to menu item #40 and RESET the radio
  • Menu item #14 for either English voice or Voice OFF
  • Press EXIT on the keypad
  • Push orange VFO/MR button to go to Frequency mode and program in repeater frequency
  • Press MENU then push #1 for frequency stepping. 10K for ham repeater use.
  • Push #13 for CTCSS on transmit for repeater use.
  • Push #25 for repeater shift. Options are NEG(-) POS(+) or off for simplex
  • Item #26 for off shift repeater use. You want 00.600 for ham radio repeaters.
  • Go to item #27 to program in Memory channel
  • Push EXIT to go to frequency mode again
  • Program in Repeater INPUT frequency
  • Push Menu then 27 for Memory channels
  • save as same channel as repeater output.
See isn't that simple ? At the end of the article he admits that it isn't the easiest radio to use, but in a SHTF type of situation you should at least be familiar with the steps needed to program your baofeng ham radio out in the field. You may not always have access to a computer. You should also make a list of needed frequencies that you can carry with you including police and fire dispatch and FRS/ GMRS frequencies so that you can communicate with other preppers in the area to coordinate your efforts.

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