TyT TH-UV3R 2n 220 dual band HT

 A 2m/220 dual band handheld radio

The TYT Dual band handheld radio is available in a 2M/220 version and includes a full keypad. Now available at TYT TH-UV3R Dual Band Micro Amateur HT Radio 2m/220 mhz Amazon
The TYT TH-UV3R is so small that you can slip it in your pocket completely, and possibly forget it's there. Not one, but three radios in one! VHF, 220mhz and FM broadcast band (RX only). Don't let the small size fool you. It has 128 memory channels, FM radio, voice compression and more. Also compare the high performance to price price ratio and you have a winner. To top it off, its USB charging design is so convenient when you are traveling you may only need one charger for your cell and radio.
  • Dual Band 136-174 & 220-260 MHz, FM Broadcast Receive, Wide Band / Narrow Band
  • 128 Channels, 2.5 Watts High Power -- 0.8 Watts Low Power
  • Full Keypad, CTCSS -- DCS, USB Chargable Li-ion Battery
  • 1750 Tone , Computer Programmable , Alpha Name Tags
  • Voice/Beep/OFF

Product Details

SO get your TYT dual band handheld radio 2m/220 at Amazon today.
Also available in a 2M/440 version